Fight against Christianity

Fr Andrzej Rebacz, CSsR, called the gay manifestation EuroPride, to be held in Warsaw in July 2010, an element of flight against Christianity. According to the Director of the National Family Centre, connected with the Polish Bishops Council for the Family, both the church and secular authorities should oppose the organisation of such an event even if it such an opposition evokes strong reactions of some environments.
Fr Rebacz stresses that the stand of the Church concerning homosexualism is firm and has been repeated many times. However, he admits that the issue might be spoken of too little. ‘The pressure to accept homosexualism is so strong that one cannot say anything negative about it, even if it is true. Some demand political correctness, which is not understand in democracy, that one should either remain silent or speak only positive things about homosexualism’, Fr Rebacz notices.
Speaking about the organisation of the EuroPride 2010 in Warsaw he turns attention to the fact that the event is not to defend the gay and lesbian rights but it is a powerful process of struggle against Christianity. ‘It seems that the prevailing conviction is that the most effective way to defeat Christianity is to destroy the family, marriage and morality’, Fr Rebacz says. In his opinion both the church and secular authorities should oppose the organisation of EuroPride. ‘If something it bad, call it evil. For me the motto of the parade ‘Do not be afraid’ is a cynical mockery of John Paul II and the whole world of values he proclaimed and served for the good of the Church and the societies tormented by communism’, he stresses.
The EuroPride 2010 is planned to take place in Warsaw on 9-18 July. It will be the first parade organised in Poland and Eastern Europe.

"Niedziela" 29/2010

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