Congratulations, Reverend Doctor!


On Thursday, 8 October 2009, there was a public defence of the doctoral dissertation of Fr Tadeusz Rydzyk at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University. The title of the dissertation was ‘The apostolic dimension of Radio Maryja in the light of ideological and programme assumptions.’ It was a real experience to see Fr Rydzyk surrounded by bishops, priests and many lay personalities in the building of the Cardinal Wyszynski University. We all wanted to express our solidarity with this charismatic priest. Therefore, this defence was a great celebration of the Church. The supervisor of the dissertation of Fr Rydzyk was Rev. Prof. Pawel Goralczyk, a specialist in moral theology and the chairman of the doctoral commission was Rev. Prof. Jan Przybylowski. We admired this young vice-dean of the Theological Faculty who presided over the session in the hall that was full of outstanding guests. And this was not easy at all since there were – which could be expected – the so-called people of the media and they wanted to be visible in this situation. Fr Tadeusz Rydzyk made the grade – he remained calm and cheerful. A smile lit up his face and he showed that he was prepared to answer questions. Therefore, we were sure that his defence would be excellent. We listened to the penetrating reviews that presented the content of the dissertation well. Numerous questions were asked and the candidate for doctor’s degree answered them without any problems. And finally, the verdict of the Commission – applause from those gathered and great joy. One can say that it was a big event. We congratulate Rev. Dr. Tadeusz Rydzyk on his courage and diligence. This doctorate is a testimony about how one can work and with what zeal one can be dedicated to God’s matters. Again Fr Rydzyk confirmed his well-known saying, ‘Alleluia and forward!’

"Niedziela" 42/2009

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