On 19 October 2008 we pray for persecuted Christians

The Plenary Session of the Polish Bishops’ Conference was held in Bialystok on 26-28 September 2008. At the end of the session the bishops participated in the beatification ceremony of Fr Michal Sopocko, the confessor of St Faustina Kowalska and Apostle of the Divine Mercy.
The main theme of the Plenary Session of the Polish Bishops’ Conference was the Synod of Bishops, which would take place in the Vatican on 5-26 October 2008. The bishops also talked about the memorial concerning family, which was being prepared by the Council for Family of the Polish Bishops’ Conference, and the situation of vocations in Poland, which had been widely discussed recently. The Bishops viewed the pogroms of Christians in India and other countries with concern. They encouraged the faithful to organise the World Mission Sunday of 19 October 2008 as a day of special prayer for persecuted Christians.
Referring to the 64th Mercy Week in the Catholic Church (from 28 September 2008), Rev. Msgr Marian Subocz, Director of Caritas Polska, spoke about the priorities of this charity organisation, namely to increase the number of volunteers and to develop the activities of parish teams as well as school teams of Caritas Polska. The Bishops got acquainted with the financial report of Caritas Polska for the year 2007. It mainly concerned the help for the needy in Poland and abroad.

"Niedziela" 40/2008

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