'Niedziela' in the Bishops' Conference

Milena Kindziuk

'I am glad that 'Niedziela' has changed its graphic design, adjusting it more to contemporary life', Primate Jozef Glemp said about our weekly during the solemn presentation of the new formula of the weekly in the Secretariat of the Bishops' Conference in Warsaw.
Bishop Adam Lepa, member of the Council for Social Communications in the Bishops' Conference, said during the presentation of 'Niedziela' that the press, as opposed to the television, is a school of critical thinking. And this is exactly the task, according to the Bishop's opinion, of 'Niedziela'. Marcin Przeciszewski, chief of the Catholic Information Office, noticed that Reverend Monsignor Ireneusz Skubis is the only editor-in-chief in Poland (that concerns non-Catholic periodicals as well) that has performed his function for over 25 years. Lidia Dudkiewicz has also been his deputy and secretary of the editorial board for a quarter of a century.
During the presentation Jerzy Klechta, a journalist and columnist, showed that the conservatism of 'Niedziela' was its advantage - the editorial board preserves principles and guards Christian values. Jerzy Klechta also recollected those times when the editorial board had consisted of five people. 'I realised the immense work that is behind publishing a weekly with 22 diocesan editions, including two American ones, and with about one thousand authors working for it only when I read the detailed sociological research concerning the readership.'
During the conference, Fr Ireneusz Skubis said that the change of the format and graphic design was carefully prepared. 'I am very much concerned to reach young readers, I would like to reach Catholics in Europe: in England, in Germany and Italy', he said.
The circulation of 'Niedziela' is about 140,000 copies; the average is between 175,000 and 200,000. The data concerning the sale of the weeklies in the first half of the year show that 'Niedziela' keeps the level similar to 'Wprost' or 'Gosc Niedzielny'. At the same time its circulation is several thousand bigger than 'Newsweek'. The researches conducted by the Institute of Catholic Church Statistics show that the majority of readers of "Niedziela' have higher education. The weekly is also the favourite paper of Polish priests; over half of all Polish parish priests read it every week.

Cardinal Jozef Glemp:
'Niedziela' is a good, reliable paper. I want to express my recognition of the achievements of the weekly, especially its contents, which it presents to the society. It has a rich news and photo service; it is valuable since it reports about the Church's life and does not avoid difficult issues. It would be good if 'Niedziela' publishes some more polemical texts because these are more difficult to find on the Church's 'pulpit'.
This weekly has got a great tradition; it was published under various political systems and it is still faithful to God, the Church, the Cross and the Gospel. Journalists who can serve this idea are working for 'Niedziela'. And I thank them for that.
I am glad that 'Niedziela' is published in a new format and a new graphic design. It is much easier to read it, for example on the train or on the plane.
Prepared by Piotr Chmielinski

Bishop Adam Lepa:
Totalitarian systems destroyed 'Niedziela' twice but it always 'rose'. Every revival of the weekly contributed to its quality and unique development. Every new stage meant more intense activities of the editorial board, columnists and readers. 'Niedziela' has saved its identity in spite of many threats. In its history there have been no compromises, which it had to be ashamed of. It has become the biggest Catholic weekly in Poland and even in Central and Eastern Europe. And it has always been faithful to the Church and the Homeland. Speaking about the weekly one must mention the great services of Reverend Monsignor Ireneusz Skubis who has done his best for 25 years to build the mission of 'Niedziela' 'on the Rock'. The success of 'Niedziela' can also be explained by the fact that Fr Skubis has been the only editor-in-chief who has actually lived in the editorial office for all those years', Bishop Lepa was joking.
Prepared by Artur Stelmasiak

"Niedziela" 48/2006

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