From Linotype to InDesign

Lidia Dudkiewicz

'A window on the universal Church', 'a bridge joining the nation with Jasna Gora, the spiritual capital of the Polish people', 'a meeting space of Polonia and the Homeland', these are the words we read in the correspondence sent to the editorial board of 'Niedziela' in 2006, the year of the 80th anniversary of the weekly.
The fact is that our readers notice that 'Niedziela' can go against the tide in spite of much social-political turbulence and various world trends, which propose or actually impose a model of life without God. Faithful to the Church and the teaching of the Pope, the weekly is deeply rooted in the heritage of Europe's holy patrons, in the fathers' faith, and first of all, it draws from the great spiritual and intellectual treasure of John Paul II, a holy Pope, who shepherded mankind through the threshold of the 21st century. The latest history of the 80-year-old 'Niedziela' is happening before our eyes. Fr Dr. Ireneusz Skubis, who first wangled himself a permit to re-establish 'Niedziela' after 28 years of its silence and then on 7 June 1981 published its first issue after that long break, has been the editor-in-chief of our weekly for 25 years. Today one can say that the present editor-in-chief brought the paper out of 'the student cell', where in the beginning, as a students' chaplain, he 'caught' editors and authors of future 'Niedziela'. Then he sent the weekly, which was published at the foot of Jasna Gora, to Poles living in the country and abroad. He has created a great multimedia institution, independent of powerful press concerns, which give money but take freedom of speech. 'Niedziela' is only under God's authority and follows the path of the Church. Fr Ireneusz Skubis has created a modern paper, which is available for passengers aboard planes. Through the Internet, on-line version, in Polish as well as in English and Russian, the paper is available in every corner of the world.
'Niedziela' has one national edition and 22 diocesan editions. It also embraces a radio studio, a television studio, a web page, the publishing series Library of 'Niedziela', 'Moje Pismo Tecza' for our youngest readers as well as the Papal Collection. In a special interview, given to Milena Kindziuk in the jubilee year of 'Niedziela', Fr Ireneusz Skubis presents all these multimedia initiatives of 'Niedziela' and an outline of the important events of the weekly.

"Niedziela" 38/2006

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