Hot Polish May

Fr Ireneusz Skubis

Pope Benedict XVI is visiting Poland on 25-28 May 2006. Czestochowa has done its best to prepare the Pope's visit. All believers - the inhabitants of Czestochowa and pilgrims - can come to the Jasna Gora commons and participate in the service with the Pope. Jasna Gora has hosted such an outstanding guest many times. John Paul II was here six times. Nowadays, on 26 May, his Successor will pay a visit to the Shrine. We trust that the Mother of God is watching over this visit and will take under her care this great Polish session with the Holy Father at Jasna Gora.
'Niedziela' has helped to prepare this special event and wanted to welcome the Outstanding Guest as best as possible. One can see that in our several last issues, which have texts about the Holy Father. We inserted a poster, photo of the Holy Father, into the last issue of 'Niedziela'. And our next issues will include reports concerning his pilgrimage.
Because of the papal pilgrimage I propose to buy 'Niedziela' online, apart from parishes and Ruch kiosks. It is important since you can buy our weekly in every place in the world (if you have access to the Internet) and thus you can read the weekly just after its publication. You can buy 'Niedziela' by sending an SMS or paying by credit card. You can read the weekly and if you want you can print it. The issue consists of 32 pages and there are also inserts, total number of pages - about 130. For further information please see our web page.
The topic, which has appalled all Christianity, is the film 'The Da Vinci Code'. It has just been released. It is a blasphemous film, directed against Christianity. It contains a load of nonsense concerning Lord Jesus, who has been deprived of his Divinity. The film was based on a book, which was artificially promoted by the media and printed in millions of copies. It is a blow in Christian faith and especially in people whose religious and theological knowledge is weak. 'Niedziela' has published many articles about the book and the above mentioned film 'The Da Vinci Code'. In order to show the nonsense of the book even more we have inserted a special 'Academic edition' into this issue (the price of the weekly is the same). This insert is a booklet, well worth reading response to Dan Brown's book. Unfortunately, we have not been given the right to place it online. I encourage you to get to know it. The introduction to the booklet was written by Archbishop Jozef Michalik and the booklet got the imprimatur of the Metropolitan Curia in Katowice. The booklet is some kind of antidote for the book and the film, which are on the Polish market of media and cinema. I also encourage you to boycott the film. Let us protest against the picture that hurts our religious feelings. Let us open our eyes to the surrounding reality, which serves insults and slander against the Catholic Church. The Muslims in India, who regard Jesus as a prophet, have rejected the book and film, and joined the Catholic protest all over the world. Because of its content the film can arouse resistance in Poland. Recently some media have paid special attention to the Gospel of Judas. Today we can see that it was some kind of a background for the anti-Christian film. Catholics should see that we deal with one form of struggle against Christianity. This struggle is still being waged. Once it was the Bolsheviks and the Nazis that fought against God and Christianity. Today the fight is being waged in a hidden way, using deceit. Satan triggers much evil in people and he directs it against God. Let us not fall victim to manipulation.
A good Christian knows that being a follower of Christ obliges him/her to pray, reflect and deepen his/her faith. I invite you to read 'Niedziela' by reason of the present situation of Christianity in the whole world.

"Niedziela" 22/2006

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