Lidia Dudkiewicz, The Editor-in-Chief of ‘Niedziela’

Everything proves the forthcoming end of our civilization. A dramatic balance of our times is revealed by prof. Wojciech Roszkowski in his book entitled: ‘A broken mirror. Collapse of the western civilization’. It turns out that the civilization of the West – built on Christian roots, on Greeks’ love to wisdom and Roman law which contributed to development of the whole humankind – changes into decadent anti-civilization. Prof. Roszkowski says: ‘People of the Middle Ages were killing one another from greediness, desire for power of for religious belief, but not in the name of progress. Killing in the name of progress became the result of the modern era’. Today God is being killed and there is a fight with Church – as the man wants to be like God, wants to govern over the laws of nature. He rejects real authorities, while listening blindly to celebrities who are slandering values and are building their pseudo-authority on anti-values. In the name of madly understood progress and pseudo-freedom, the man of the 21st century is destroying fundamental social institutions. The main attack is mainly aimed at family, based on the natural relation of a woman and a man.

In our eyes there is an assassination on Polish children. There are attempts to take away them from families and deprive parents of constitutional right to bring them up according to their beliefs. Recently a lot has been said about ‘rainbow Fridays’, now the LGBT organizations want to carry out an ideological indoctrination in Polish schools, allegedly running classes about tolerance and counteracting discrimination and trying to impose sexual initiation on kindergardens and implementing a plan of making students familiar with homosexuality. A belief is enforced that what is definitely bad, sin and inharmonious with nature is good.

Let’s return to prof. Roszkowski. In his ‘Broken mirror’ we read: ‘It would seem that it is impossible to negate the truth that the human being is born from the relation of a man and a woman, the condition of human civilization is existence of family. However, at present, nothing is obvious or certain. At least for some people who went astray and are trying to lead others this way. Family has not only become the victim of attacks from people sexually lost, but also erotomaniacs, homosexuals of both sexes, feminists and followers of the gender ideology’. And there is one more quotation: ‘If elites of the western civilization do not notice that day is day and night is night, that women are women, and men are men, that we need one another, as we can give one another love, this civilization will be destroyed’.

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 11/2019 (17 III 2019)

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