A hate campaign against Poland is going on. Again – this time we heard from the foreign ministry of Israel that Poles ‘sucked up anti-Semitism with mother’s milk’. There was also a scandalous statement of an American TV journalist who said that Jewish insurgents in the Warsaw ghetto had been fighting against ‘Polish and Nazis regimes’. And, first of all, media made it public that the prime minister of Israel Beniamin Netanjahu had accused Poles of collaboration with the Germans. It seems that in the interest of Israel a front against Poland is being built. If somebody did not know what is going on here, all is about money, that is, Jewish claims.

The latest image of the anti-Polish séance derives from Paris where in our eyes a New School of Holocaust History is appearing. This is just the place where a conference was held with participation of, among the others, Jan Tomasz Gross, who dared to say that Poles killed more Jews in the countryside than the Germans in death camps. Whereas prof. Jan Grabowski from the National Science Academy said that during the Holocaust time Poles were indifferent and were doing nothing to defend and save the Jews. The scandalous pronouncement was given by prof. Jacek Leocial, a founder of the aforementioned school. His speech accusing Poles of Holocaust was full of emotional shouts and gestures. He even dared to say that ‘Poles want to dig out bones of Jews from graves and throw stones there’. – As one may guess – in order to blur any signs. And this statement was awarded with loud applauses…In the Paris séance of hatred towards Poland, representatives of the French Polish Diaspora with prelate priest Stanisław Jeż were not allowed to speak as well as a historian from the National Remembrance Institute in Cracow. In the capital city of France there was a trial against Poland and Poles who were the most suffering nation, beside the Jews and Romans, during the Second World War. At the conference it was said only marginally that the Germans, real oppressors in the extermination of the Jews, had caused the war and built death camps for the Jews and Poles and other nations. Now, when Poland has been on a target of Israel again, we should recall the words of the prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki. He has said recently, that it were Poles who had brought help to the Jews during the German war occupation and risked their life, as only in Poland there was death penalty for that. He noted that beside seven thousand trees for Poles ‘The Righteous ones among the Nations of the World’ in the Yad Vash Institute in Jerusalem, another tree commemorating saving Jews by Poles is owed to Poland. And the fact that Poles were saving Jews also against Jews can be read in the current issue of ‘Sunday’.

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 9/2019 (3 III 2019)

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