Lidia Dudkiewicz, The Editor-in-Chief of Niedziela

George Soros – the most dangerous man of the world – is gaining more and more power as he has got lots of money and knows how to ‘make’ money. This multi-millionaire is known as the most powerful philanthropist but, in fact, he is a heavy player and currency speculator. Years ago Soros caused the spectacular currency commotion and the breakdown of the exchange rate of the British pound sterling on exchange market, which resulted in a financial crisis of Great Britain – bankruptcy of lots of companies, unemployment. Whereas he earned about a milliard of pounds on this speculation. But it was only the beginning of the appearance of his possibilities. Now, through his financial mega interests he can de-stabilize particular countries and even whole regions of the world. And he is allegedly doing this all for democracy and from philanthropy. He is entangling the globe with a net of foundations and various other institutions, and even universities. He makes the functioning of not only these institutions but also the whole societies dependent on his money.

The idea of the multi-millionaire Soros is creating a different world than this one which we know. An open world made up by him is going to be deprived of nations, traditions and religions. The main drive are going to be interests, mainly the big game of interests, economic and financial speculations. In this open world the big guru, pulling the strings, is going to be, certainly, Soros, who spends lots of money on making his vision realistic. However, one can only look into what his money is spent on, in order to see what world this dangerous man is leading us into. Soros finances, among the others, Planned Parenthood – the biggest abortion organization of the world, a campaign for legalization of abortion in Ireland, promotion of homosexuality, euthanasia, sterilization in some countries. It is obvious that the actions of this influential architect of death civilization can also influence the further fates of Europe. Once he said about himself that he is an expert for destabilization.

Soros knows the power of media and is entering this space. His target are also Polish mass media. In 2016 a fund connected with him, purchased some assets for the Agora company, the editor of ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’. Now it turns out that the two companies – Agora and SFS Ventures – in which this world speculator has his shares, want to take over Eurozet, that is, Zet Radio – a significant media in Poland. It is known that now in our country most media are serving to foreign political, ideological and financial interests. Nearly 80 percent of press edited in Poland are in the hands of foreign media giants. We should remember that recently a lot has been said about the instruction of the German-Swiss company Ringier Axel Springer addressed to journalists writing in newspapers for Poles which was an attempt of interference into issues of the highest rank, referring to foreign policy pursued by Poland. In this context what is scandalous is the fact that Ringier Axel Springer Poland is litigating with a Polish investigative journalist Witold Gadowski, who was sued for, among the others, statement that media of this company ‘are acting against the Polish raison d’etat’. We must defend our media market and do everything so that the Zet Radio would not be taken over by Soros whose money is used for a fight against the Catholic-national image of Poland. We must stop the further colonization of media, the area of a strategic significance for every country.

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 5/2019 (3 II 2019)

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