Lidia Dudkiewicz, The Editor-in-Chief of Niedziela

It is a year since the civil bill draft #StopAbortion has been closed in the Seym fridge, which excludes the eugenic idea allowing for killing a human being, so it is supposed to protect the weakest and the most defenceless of all – unborn ill children. Indeed the Seym supported the bill draft in the first reading, under which 830 thousand Poles gave their signatures, but MPs decided that the commission for Social Policy and Family is supposed to work on it, with recommendation of getting an opinion from the Commission of Justice and Human Rights. Later the bill draft to stuck in a special sub-commission, that is, it got frozen. Another fridge is the Constitutional Tribunal. For we have been waiting for over a year for a statement about discrepancy of eugenic abortion with the Constitution of the Republic of Poland. As a result, prolonging to give a statement by the Constitutional Tribunal allows for killing conceived ill children. One can notice impatience- especially that prominent politicians gave a hint that during the current cadency of the Seym they did not envisage their activity in reference to the draft bill #StopAbortion. In order to stop this passivity, there had to appear an unprecedented fact – a group of 79 MPs submitted a consistent appeal to the chairperson of the Constitutional Tribunal Julia Przyłęska for setting a date of a debate on stating the unconstitutional character of eugenic abortion . So, we have a kind of paradox: it is necessary to urge the Constitutional Tribunal to undertake actions for which it is responsible.

As for the life protection, the opinion was expressed by archbishop Stanisław Gądecki, the chairperson of the Polish Episcopal Conference. In a special message, dated 30 November 2018, he emphasized that the right to life is not only the issue of the worldview, not only the religious law, but also the human right. He expressed his grief that in Poland the right to life is still breached. Whereas, on the first anniversary of existence of the draft bill #StopAbortion, bishop Wiesław Mering was praying with pro-life activists - volunteers and politicians at Jasna Góra. He made us realize how extraordinary situation of a pregnant mother is – at this time two hearts beat inside her – her own and the heart of her baby who is to be born.

He emphasized that we have a right to ask why life conceived under a mother’s heart is less worthy, why are those with genetic defects neglected and how better are we than them. He encouraged Christian politicians to oppose to abortion, as ‘keeping silent, we approve of the crime’.

Important words were said by archbishop Andrzej Dzięga on 1 December 2018 during ceremonies in Toruń on the occasion of anniversary of Radio Maryja existence. He asked questions about the heart: - Where is your heart, Europe? Poland, what are you doing with your heart? Why are you killing your heart? Do not kill hearts! Also literally. Also these little hearts under the mothers’ hearts, whose beating are impulses of a child’s love. This is also a cry for love of a mother and a father. Also for love of the whole society, for love of one’s own nation. Archbishop Dzięga addressed politicians so that they would not look at the far-away world which is standing on the border of madness but that they should live according to God’s law, be reasonable and free. In his opinion, Polish politicians should be grateful that they receive a request of many hearts to save children’s hearts. – Can you hear that, Polish politicians? – he asked. – The country which consciously allows for killing its children is the country without the future – he added. He suggested that if there is no respond from the current politicians’ hearts, others will come or there may be silence. – Killing Polish hearts is killing Poland – he warned.

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 49/2018 (9 XII 2018)

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