Lidia Dudkiewicz, The Editor-in-Chief of ‘Niedziela’

Europe is getting cut off from its Christian roots, a lot of its inhabitants are rejecting the Gospel and the teaching of the church, a lot of them forget about the Decalogue. Also a lot of the Europeans are looking at Poland hoping that it will help them save the natural order and normality. This is a great challenge, a wave of the so-called modernity and pseudo-progress of various origins are still overwhelming us. The western leftist party is building more and more secularized societies, simply – the godless ones. Europe is destroying churches and building mosques where people are taught how to murder the Christians. The previous bastion of the Catholic Church in Ireland has just been defeated, where supporters of abortion won in a referendum and went further, demanding abolishing all kinds of punishment for blasphemies. In Dublin Irish politicians even got down to a ‘reform’ of the Church. They want priesthood for women, the so-called homosexual marriages, abortion in catholic hospitals and resignation from babies’ baptism. Also Spain is departing from the Church – its new prime minister was the first to have made a vow with omitting the church and the Gospel. It was clearly described by Witold Gadowski in ‘Niedziela’ (no. 27/2018): ‘Today Europe is full of half-dead people. If we decide that a man is a physical-spiritual human being, we will see that millions of the Europeans have stopped living spiritually. Today they believe in commerce and safety which are given only by pockets full of money’.

All this is coming to us. So, we need the strength of the spirit and national consent so as to stop this wave of abnormality. Here it is worth reminding words of John Paul II who said at Jasna Góra in 1983 that ‘nation will die when it demoralizes its spirit – the nation is growing when its spirit is getting more and more purified; no outer forces will be able to destroy! There is a more and more severe fight between the good and evil. Recently the so-called Marches of Equality have been walking along the streets of Polish cities – Strangely enough! – they were supported by ambassadors and chiefs of representations of many international institutions in Poland. On Sunday 8 July this year, there was this kind of a march in Częstochowa. Bishop Andrzej Przybylski noted that if participants of the March of Equality wanted their rights, it was not decided about in Częstochowa and at Jasna Góra. And he concluded that ‘surely it is not all about the rights, but about a kind of weird provocation attacking believers, our holy places and holy symbols’. It is worth noting that a respond to the March of Equality in Częstochowa was the Redoubt of the Immaculate organized by laymen, that is, a prayer on the main pilgrimage route of the town – in the Alleys of Blessed Mary the Virgin.

On the same day there was a pilgrimage of the Family of Radio Maryja to Jasna Góra Monastery. The prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki, present at it, had an occasion to speak from the Jasna Góra Monastery peak. He warned that ‘there are attempts to make a trap against Poland’, against its values, tradition, history, there are attempts to destroy Polishness and Polish family. – Poland wants to decide what culture to build – he said. He referred to his pronouncement in the European Parliament where he reminded that Europe is built on Christian values and must remain so. The words of the Polish prime minister are our task for our future and we hope that Poland will be strong enough to remain the sign of opposition for Europe.

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 28/2018 (15 VII 2018)

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