Recently we have been witnesses of odd meetings and protests. It concerns a situation connected with materials relating to the activity of the former president Lech Wałęsa and other people, brought by the widow of gen. Czesław Kiszczak to the Archive of New Acts in the National Remembrance Institute. Whether we like it or not, the folders of Kiszczak exist. The National Remembrance Institute did not have a choice: it took over the documents being there, as it is obliged to investigate the truth about that time. The content of those materials was quickly revealed, but it was decided to analyze them more thoroughly to check their authenticity and credibility – evaluations of experts will be revealed soon.

Materials which got to the public opinion are shocking. They speak about cooperation with the Security Service undertaken by Lech Wałęsa, about his taking high fees for reporting on his colleagues. Certainly, everybody is listening to the voice of Lech Wałęsa, who denies this cooperation.

The authorities of the Law and Justice party, which are administering the Polish country, do not express their opinion. It is not Jarosław Kaczyński, the prime minister Beata Szydło, or the marshal Marek Kuchciński who caused the scandal of Kiszczak’s folders. Everything is in the hands of the National Remembrance Institute, an independent institute, following principles envisaged for investigating materials concerning communist Poland, including the folders left by the Security Service. And it must be emphasized that these materials are and have always been treated by the National Remembrance Institute with due attention.

But let’s return to the issue of protests by Democracy Protection Committee and its support for Lech Wałęsa. Well, everyone sees what the truth is like. The whole protest could be compared to the situation that a group of supporters of the flat earth meet to protest against its roundness. So, would You like to burn the wardrobe of Kiszczak? Or maybe also the whole Archive of New Acts? Sometimes one simply feels helpless. It looks as if this lack of reasonable action was caused with hatred.

And an appeal to us: so, going for a protest, one must know what this protest is organized against. For now it seems that the priority matter for the Civic Platform party or the .Modern party is willingness of hateful attack on the government. Because can protest against such a particular thing which is Kiszczak’s wardrobe?


„Niedziela” 10/2016

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