An Italian writer Oriana Fallaci, belonging to the most famous journalists of the world of XX century, warned us against Islam a few decades ago, which was beginning to overwhelm Europe then. She expressed the famous opinion: ‘Europe is not Europe any longer, but Eurabia, which is digging its own grave because of its subordination to the enemy, the Islamic Nazism’. It turns out that she knew what she was saying, especially that she had a lot of knowledge. In Fallaci’s opinion the so-called moderate Islamism does not exist because it is contradictory with the commands of Koran. In her opinion, immigrant groups are not able to get assimilated. She said that ‘policy of multiculture’ got defeated. After the assassination on the American skyscrapers World Trade Center on 11 September 2001, she rejected thesis about the existence of Islam. This is what she quoted then: ‘This is war, wake up!’ People like Osama bin Laden want to destroy us. They feel authorized to kill you and your children only because you drink wine or beer, go to the theatre or cinema, wear miniskirts or short socks…’. Fallaci was looking with fear, how Islam was getting into our life more and more. She wrote: ‘It involves Europe of bankers who found a farce of the European Union (…). Europe selling itself to sultans, caliphs, viziers and mercenaries of a new Ottoman Empire like a prostitute. So, it means Eurabia’. On the other hand, the famous journalist was warning that the Muslims do not respect any values, of the so-called unbelievers whom they could murder without being punished. Fallaci also foresaw a catastrophic demographic collapse of the West. She noted that in next generations there are more and more Muslims at least twice, while there are less and less of us, even by half. She saw a kind of a war strategy in it – a conquer on a peace way, where fertility rate is a weapon. So, the Muslims do not have to set a bomb to the European or American skyscrapers or aim guns at ‘unbelievers’, only giving birth to children by fertile Muslim women can do.

The massacre in Paris on 13 November 2015 is an assassination on whole France, bring proud of its laicism and naïve Europe. The chancellor Angela Merkel opened German borders to Immigrants from the Near East and was inviting them to Europe. And she had a purpose in it: complement the insufficient number of labour force on the German employment market. As a result, a big wave of economic immigrants arrived with refugees. The fact of terrorists’ arriving with refugees was also confirmed by the French procurators. It turns out that one of assassins in Paris, with his Syrian passport, got to Greece with refugees on a pontoon.

Pope Francis condemns the assassinations in Paris. He wonders how the human heart could do such a cruel barbarism, which dipped France in blood. He asks for repentance of those in whose hands there are fates of the world. Asked by a journalist, he confirms that the assassinations in Paris are a part of the Third World War taking place in some sequences. The words of sympathy and support for the French nation were expressed by Polish bishops in a letter addressed to the archbishop of Paris. ‘Do not let others intimidate you or the evil win!’ – they wrote. At Jasna Góra, a special prayer was begun, also in French, for the victims of the massacre and in intention of peace in the world, which is endangered in the situation when terrorists from the so-called Islamic State manage to bring the conflict from Syria to Europe.


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