This world is strange. The XX century is defined as the century of death. The XXI is going to be much worse in respect of the attitude towards life and laws established by the Creator. In the modern, allegedly civilized world laws of nature are even questioned and fought. A normal and morally healthy family is often treated as a relics of the past and is endangered than ever before. In order to defend the human family against people, it has been necessary recently to submit a new European Civilian Initiative called ‘Mum, Dad and Children’ to the European Commission. Its purpose is establishing a unitary definition of the family in the European Union, understood as a permanent relation of a woman and a man, opened to life, in which there are children, as fruits of the relation and the heart of a couple’s love. It turns out that normality is perceived as pathology. However, the problem concerns the obvious matter, maintaining the family consisting of mum, dad and children. Ladies, and gentlemen, clerks from Brussels, we are waiting for Your positive respond to this civilian voice.

Today, in our eyes, there are various bad prognosis, as well as predictions from before 10 years described in a book of Italian authors entitled: ‘A war against Christianity. UNO and the European Union as a new ideology’. The book translated into Polish by Karol Klauza was published in 2006 in the Library of ‘Niedziela’. The Italian authors – Eugenia Rozzella and Lucetta Scaraffa – wrote about fear of the world against Islamic fundamentalism and progressing cultural revolution, aiming at ‘liberating’ a man from an individual biological destination, and it was when the problem of eugenics was noticed as well as reducing human life to the enlivened matter on which experiments in a laboratory were allowed. Certainly, when in surgeries there are manipulations done on the organism of a conceived human being, then motherhood and paternity lose sense as they are an obstacle.

When I heard about the last scandal, which was done by UNO, calling Poland to liquidate the life windows, which save life of newborn babies, to my horror, I thought that, following clerks from Brussels, clerks from New York want to subordinate the world according to their absurd ideas. In addition - in the name of human rights, which are allegedly breached by the existence of life windows. And this is so, because children are left there by their mother anonymously, so, they will not be able to get to know their identity. However, the same politicians do not notice a similar problem in the in vitro practices, where identity of human embryos is massively lost, which are frozen for the period of tens of years, or maybe forever. This absurd is rightly summarized by journalists saying that these are not the life windows which must be liquidated, but ill world bureaucratically developed political structures which want to prove the sense of their existence with such strange ideas. And, in fact, they should concentrate on hot issues of world importance, to which they have been appointed. It is necessary to remind authors of those ideas, created in offices of UNO clerks, that right for life is the first right which belongs to the human being and nobody can interfere here. Life windows are an alternative to a rubbish bin. If there are no life windows saving abandoned children, they will get to rubbish and will be treated like wastes to be destroyed. Human life is the most important and more important even than a name and a surname. ‘Life, I life you more than my life’ – I send these wise words of a beautiful Polish song to cold-hearted clerks and politicians on another continent.


„Niedziela” 44/2015

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