In Poland human life loses with deformed consciences of politicians, for whom career in political parties is the most important. In ‘Sunday’ there are a lot of comments concerning the Act enforced by the Seym and the Senate, legalizing in vitro, and which has already been called a scam of the century. Even a senator of the Civic Platform noticed that this act ‘makes a human being a kind of a product and deprives him of the attribute of the nature miracle’. During a debate in the Senate preceding voting, a warning was expressed that ‘this act opens the gates of hell in abuses which we are not able to imagine’. The main problem is that conception of one life through in vitro, is accompanied by death of many other human beings. Specifically speaking – life of a conceived child through in vitro entails death of his brothers and sisters or dooms siblings to being thrown into a freezer. Children conceived through this method and their parents must face this traumatic fact throughout their lives. Whereas, spouses having problems with conception of a child, can use decent methods: naprotechnology or adoption. Whereas, what is paradoxical is the fact that the in vitro procedure becomes more available than adoption in Poland.

Pope John Paul II pointed out that in struggles for the future form of the social and national life, one must pay attention to the human conscience. He defined the conscience as ‘the cheapest centre and sanctuary of the man, where he is with God’. On pages of this ‘Sunday’ there is a question whether the conscience of a citizen is the property of the authority or a political party, if the chief of the government suggests put it out or simply turn off in some circumstances. Once it was advised that the conscience should be left behind at home, in a cloakroom or a wardrobe. However, we remember when in 2008 Ewa Kopacz, as the health minister, after revealing information about destroying human embryos, stood in their defence and gave an appeal not to destroy them. The attitude of the health minister from seven years before has nothing in common with the attitude of the current prime minister, although it is still the same person – Ewa Kopacz. For, the act about in vitro, accepted in the parliament deprives children of their human dignity, defining them a group of cells, introduces eugenic practices, allowing for destroying ill embryos and in relation to the legalization of ‘anonymous donation’ and ‘non-partnership donation’, it deprives some children of possibility to get to know their parents, their identity.

Polish bishops take a definite attitude against the act about in vitro. After voting in the senate, on 10 July 2015 a message was given with a warning that under allegation of treating infertility, among the others, destroying human embryos is legalized. ‘The ends never justify the means’ – wrote bishops. ‘People believing in Christ cannot – under any circumstances – support the act in vitro aimed against human life, if they want to remain in a full community of faith’. So, we must call everything by name: the barbaric act was passed by the parliament, which is contradictory with anthropology, aimed against the human dignity and succumbing to influences of powerful mass media and groups of financial and political interests. Archbishop Andrzej Depo called the act about in vitro crime which is the worst act in the history of the Polish parliamentarism.


„Niedziela” 29/2015

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