It has been the 33rd anniversary of renewal of publishing ‘Niedziela’, and, in fact, starting the editorial-publishing work from the basis – after 28 years of its non-existence caused by decisions of the communist authorities, it was not possible to base on anything, I have been running this weekly for 33 years as its editor-in-chief, and what stands out in my reflection in the foreground today is the feeling of gratitude. It is gratitude towards God and His Holy Providence and Mary – Mater Verbi, whom we chose as a special patron of our weekly. But ‘Niedziela’ would not have such a developing distribution if it was not for our priests – parish priests who accept it to their parishes, as well as prefect priests who promote it, catechists and engaged Catholics who care about its getting to as many hands as possible, and You, Dear Readers and Friends who read it, respect, who use it.

As we notice, readership the Catholic press is apostolic work. Who reads a Catholic weekly, broadens his knowledge about the Church, religious life has more significance to him and he sees everything with different eyes when he looks at what concerns everyday life of each of us and particular events as well as social phenomena which he gives to a deeper reflection.

Religious life is not an unimportant detail of the human life – it is an essential part of our existence and gives sense to the human existence on the earth. It also influences our place in the society, relationships among people, marriage and family relations as well as relations in workplaces. Everything becomes different, if we realize the fact that we are brothers and sisters, children of one God, if we perceive one another with full faith and love. Hence there is the suggestion of reading Catholic newspapers – we want people to find out more about God, realize God’s presence, so that they could form their attitude towards everything what is happening in our life according to God’s will.

‘Niedziela’ also notices matters connected with functioning of the country, our economy, with work and unemployment, with moral problems cumulating around them. It allows us to open our eyes to what is happening in today’s Europe and the world.

And ‘Niedziela’ is accompanied by other purposes than secular press, which is often profit-oriented, aiming at favouring human tastes instead of forming them. Catholic press wants to be fully understood as help for people, especially believers. Certainly, every Catholic weekly is different and has its own readers. Therefore, I appreciate it, Dear Readers of ‘Niedziela’ that you have been faithful to our newspaper for many years. I am very glad when I meet people, sometimes from far away, who are grateful to me for ‘Niedziela’. I receive letters or phone calls from You so often. I would also like to note that we cannot stop promoting our ‘Niedziela’, or encouraging our brothers. For there are still families who do not read any Catholic newspaper, there are also those who have given up reading Catholic press. What is joy-giving is the fact today many people read ‘Niedziela’ online, but it is ‘paper’ ‘Niedziela’ which works for this purpose. I cordially thank to priests that they remind about ‘Niedziela’ in pastoral announcements and that they help in its sale in a particular way. There are also those parish priests who even purchase copies of ‘Niedziela’ at their cost and they contribute them to their parishioners, being aware that it not the Catholic, then a different newspaper or a programme will take this place in the human awareness. Dear Co-Brothers in Priesthood, I am very grateful to you for it. I say cordially ‘God bless you’ also to everybody acting in for evangelization – members of the Catholic Action, the Catholic Youth Association, members of oasis groups, rosary groups – and I ask for further engagement in promoting ‘Niedziela’. Help Your pastors, talk about articles included in ‘Niedziela’ at Your homes and groups, be aware that if we do not speak about our faith, it will be denied by the world. I recommend ‘Niedziela’ to your attention again and I thank you cordially for everything.


"Niedziela" 23/2014

Editor: Tygodnik Katolicki "Niedziela", ul. 3 Maja 12, 42-200 Czestochowa, Polska
Editor-in-chief: Fr Jaroslaw Grabowski • E-mail: redakcja@niedziela.pl