I received a phone call from my student from the archdiocese of Katowice in whose family both ‘Niedziela’ and ‘Gość Niedzielny’ are read. And her daughter read an interview with the parliamentarian Jadwiga Wiśniewska in ‘Niedziela’ promoting her for the European Parliament. She is a person whom I have known for a long time and respect, because, among the others, she clearly opts for Christian values, for right to life from conception to natural death. However, daughter of my student noticed: ‘Mum, why is it that ‘Niedziela’ supports Mrs. Wiśniewska, publishing the interview with her, while ‘Gość Niedzielny’ opts for not voting for her because she is against life…

Gently speaking, I felt confused. For, I think that such people, as Mrs. Parliamentarian Wiśniewska are needed in the European Parliament as the representation of Poland, in order to defend values there which are the basis of Europe and give a guarantee for good development both of it and all nations constituting it. So, why does a different Catholic newspaper warn against voting for Mrs. Wiśniewska? – For, the suggestion of Katowice edition of ‘Gość Niedzielny’ was explicit: we should not vote for Mrs. Wiśniewska. I think that much manipulation had been done against Mrs. Wiśniewska. I know this person very well and I know what attitude she took in many important debates and public pronouncements. Anyway, You also watch the programmes not only on the Television Trwam but also in other public media, and You see that the parliamentarian Jadwiga Wiśniewska defends essential Christian values. So, I am very surprised that in the Catholic newspaper, referring to the book in which an author describes the situation from 7 years before, connected with the procedure of Sejm voting, there are attempts to impose responsibility on Mrs. Wiśniewska for some elections or voting. Not considering the fact that for so many years the parliamentarian Mrs. Wiśniewska has been appearing as a woman who is righteous and honest and as a faithful member of the Church and defender of values important for us.

As we remember, St. John Paul II supported the idea of including Poland in the EU, but, undoubtedly, he wanted Poland to promote the world of Christian values in Europe. He wanted Europe to be aware of its evangelical roots. Looking at Europe going away from Christ, becoming pagan, the Holy Father wanted Poland to be the Messiah for Europe, so that it would bring back Christ to it, and Polish priests would remind Europe about its Christian roots.

So, Poland is facing a great task of bringing Christ into Europe. I have talked with many candidates for the EP about how to lead to a situation when evangelical lights in Europe would shine strongly and clearly. ‘Niedziela’ is trying to promote people who give a guarantee that the Christian option in Europe would start to exist as the option of values. It is completely compatible with reflections and hints of St. John Paul II. We wanted it to be really so. Therefore it is important not to make people’s minds confused or create unnecessary chaos. We want the EP consist of people of highest class, Catholics, Christians. After all, we remember that the European community was established by great Catholics, one of them is even a candidate for altars. However, later there was time of stronger atheisation of Europe and everything started going into a different direction. So, Christ’s believers are facing a big task of re-enlighten Europe with the brightness of the Gospel and the cross of Jesus Christ.

Therefore, we must vote for people who are faithful to rules existing in the natural law and God’s law – the Decalogue. These values are secured by Catholic parliamentarians, who want to defend them in the EP, because we do not know in what direction Europe will go on.

Mrs. Parliamentarian Jadwiga Wiśniewska is such a person, a woman who is worth trusting. I do not agree with the opinion included in the Katowice edition of ‘Gość Niedzielny’. This opinion is unfair and harming. It is forbidden to hurt people who often showed that they live with the truth and the Decalogue. Mrs. Jadwiga Wiśniewska deserves the highest recognition and acceptance , giving the best testimony with her public activity, supporting honesty and the truth.

PS. Mrs. Jadwiga Wiśniewska was elected for the European Parliament.


"Niedziela" 22/2014

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