I wonder how it is possible that in the civilizational country in central Europe, a Catholic country, on TV broadcasting its programmes for millions of viewers, someone could impudently say about very respected priests, including bishops, that they are pedophiles. After all, in this way, one can accuse each of us of the worst crimes! But it took place on TVN 24, in the programme of Mrs. Monika Olejnik. Certainly, she was not the author of this slander, but a known eccentric politician, the creator of the political party ‘Your Movement’. And here the problem starts – the Polish problem. In the democratic country everybody has a right toe express his opinions. But one must take responsibility for what he says. There must be some boundaries to saying ‘what one has got on the tip of his tongue’, especially when these are serious slanders or absurdities which destroy the good opinion of people and the whole community of the Church.

Unfortunately, tendencies for eliminating Christianity (in various forms) are seen today in whole Europe. On the one hand, there is a desire to unite the European continent so that people could make some choices, because it is safer, more comfortable and easier so, but on the other hand – we are slowly losing what used to be the identity of this continent, what created its culture and distinguished it in the world in a special way.

The cross has been in the most important place in Europe for 2 thousand years – the sign of Jesus Christ to which Europe has always had great respect, the sign on which Europe has been based and by which it has never been disappointed. The European culture without the cross or values which it brought, would not have such a significance , nor such achievements. So, those do much evil who, fighting with the cross and Christianity, want to create new Europe, without any reference to God. We must see that everything which Europe has achieved – and there is a lot of it –owes to the Decalogue and philosophy of the cross: love to God and the neighbor. It is the best fundament for life of individuals, nations and countries. Without Christian culture expressed in architecture, art and literature, science, etc. Europe would not be as it is. This culture is beautiful inside, because it has beautiful noble spirit – the spirit the creator of Christianity of Jesus Christ. We are delighted with such Europe. We hope that it will open our eyes and will not allow for its depriving of values which constitute its exceptionality. These are elements of European identity.

Our Homeland, Poland is somehow encoded, rooted in the European thoughts and culture. Thanks to the Church, over a thousand years ago we were accepted for the community of European nations, as its legitimate members, because Christianity brings love and brotherhood. We know very well that it opened our eyes to the world, made us civilized and influenced our culture which was humanized in an unusual way. We must remember that it comes from the spirit of the Gospel and from the cross of Jesus Christ.

Now there are some unconcerned people who want to destroy the Christian identity of Europe, and also our Homeland. We cannot allow for a situation when people who are irresponsible and want fame and cause a chaos, to do media chutzpah disparaging those who are authorities for the nation. Janusz Palikot could have been ignored – because what he says is nonsense full of insolence and cynicism, it these were not his pronouncements in the programmes which have very high viewing figures. But he wants such programmes, but who else wants it – if a possibility is given to public insulting people important for the nation and postponing values which are the supreme reference for us?

So, I address my request also to the Television which functions on the basis of concession granted by the state. Why do You tolerate hooliganism in media, promoting obscenity in the Polish political arena? Someone may not feel sympathy to one of bishops or another man, but we cannot allow for such behaviours which we witness so often in the so-called TV debates or in the above-mentioned programmes. Television and radio are supposed to raise the level of culture, not to lower it to the level of the gutter.

We think that it is necessary to open some legal mechanisms which will punish all those who abuse the word in media destroying our identity or a good opinion of respected and honourable people. Today we claim our rights from those who are responsible for media and for law and order of the ordinary social life, for our rights and basic rights for those people whose reputation is being destroyed even in a barbaric way.


"Niedziela" 21/2014

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