Reflections during an Appeal Prayer on 13 March 2014.

We are coming to You, Mary, on the 1st anniversary of the pontificate of pope Francis. We entrust him cordially to Your care. We also entrust new leaders of the Church in Poland and we thank for our archbishop Wacław, who like Jan in Ephesus guards Your home, Mary, at Jasna Góra and the whole Polish Marian heritage.

We are also coming with various kinds of reflection as always. We reminiscence among the others, 30th anniversary of a fight for the cross in Miętno. This cross, visible on the wall of Your Chapel, is a great souvenir of the heroic youth of those years…At this moment we also reminiscence Accursed Soldiers who were tortured in prisons already on the Polish land, but how communist and cruel land for its excellent sons.

We are during the period of the Lent and we are getting prepared for the Feast of Lord’s Resurrection. This year, thanks to the excellent sponsor ‘Niedziela’ and also the weeklies ‘wSieci’ and ‘Gość Niedzielny’ will make it possible for Readers to see the visions of Anna Katarzyna Emmerich, the Blessed of the Catholic Church, who describes in details Jesus’ Passion. So, let the ‘Passion’ reach to the biggest group of recipients and will help us to experience the Way of the Cross of Your Son, Mary, so that we could believe again how much Christ loves us; that he gave his life on the cross in terrible sufferings so that each of us could be redeemed. Let it be a book of retreats, helpful for great conversion of the nation.

We bring all this, with our difficult everyday life, to You, Mary, in this Great Lent, awaiting impatiently also the canonization day of the greatest Pole – blessed John Paul II. We cannot trivialize this fact and this person. After all, the Holy Father is the man of Calvary: Calvary paths, ‘Lenten Lamentations’, Way of the Cross – who strongly remained in memory when he was cuddling the crucifix of Jesus to his heart during his last divine service….He was the man of the Cross, a priest of Passion. He was often seen lying in the form of the cross in front of the altar in a church or a chapel, engrossed in a deep prayer…

Our Lady Sorrowful, through your co-suffering with Your Son cruelly crucified for our sins, please, help us see how good God is and how much he wants to forgive us and is waiting for our conversion. Conversion – it would be the greatest gift for canonization of John Paul II. The gift of the heart, the inner gift of Poles. And we have a lot things we need to convert ourselves from, everyone has a lot to grieve on. We must regret the fight of many of us with God, but also for our everyday sins, which are grossly the primary sins.

So, let the Church of great prayer appear in Poland, which is fighting for the welfare of Homeland. The Church which will be a missionary Church, full of love to God and a fellowman. Let it be the Church of prayer for peace in the world, for peace in Ukraine. Mary, you said early 100 years ago, that if Russia did not become converted, it would cause wars and disasters. We know that Russia, still in the structures of the Soviet Union was a cause of many international conflicts and it has been happening so till today. So, we need a constant prayer about conversion of Russia, we need to open eyes of the Russian nation to the great matter of freedom and brotherly love.

Help us, our Lady, to fulfill Your request of Fatima, so that – as You promised in Fatima – Your Heart would triumph. Let Your heart, Mary, triumph, also on the Ukrainian land, so that our Ukrainian brothers would live peacefully. We are praying for it today, and we should pray for it all the time – like the Universal Church, led by the Holy Father, has prayed for peace for Syria, when it was nearly war – so that now we could receive peace for Ukraine and the world though prayer.

At the threshold of canonization of both blessed popes – John XXIII and John Paul II, people of great love of God and the man, Our Lady of Jasna Góra, please listen to our prayers and accept our devotions to Jesus, who ‘was suffering from wounds for us…’


"Niedziela" 13/2014

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