As a result of the unsuccessful so-called eugenic abortion in Wrocław, a girl was born. Abortion was done because of the Down syndrome diagnosed in her. In addition, she had to face the consequences of the extreme premature birth. This is a case which raised much interest – indeed one hardly hears about similar situations. Why are children killed in the majesty of law? Shouldn’t a weak, defenseless and ill child receive most help and care instead of being killed? How many children have been wrongly diagnosed and were born as healthy children, filling parents’ hearts with joy and gratitude towards God? And how many parents were convinced of the fact that killing their children is for both them and the children the best solution? Why is the human right – right for life breached?...

The case in Wrocław should be made public. As many people as possible, also including those in white uniforms, should realize what their role is. As internet users write, doctors’ group keeps silent, because a doctor may be sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment for killing a baby who has become able to live independently. But somebody has the authority over it!

We ask: well, a child – also the one conceived as a result of a rape, whose abortion is permitted by law – is guilty of being conceived in such circumstances? It is a human being who has its rights –and bigger ones because it is little, defenceless and is alive.

It is worth use a little imagination to understand the big tragedy which is taking place in our eyes. An adult, gifted with the sense of responsibility for his actions, must be aware that more harm is done to those who are defenceless. Especially a doctor, having possibilities of saving life, should not be against life. And not saying, when his parents are against their child’s life…

The issue of life protection is important to speak about humankind at all. We are shocked by the enactment of the terrifying Act by the Belgium parliament on 13 February 2014, concerning euthanasia of children. Isn’t it a betrayal towards those who should obtain help from healthy adults?

It has been a long time since in clinics of the world, built for ill people to recover, people are killed and the very act of murder is innocently called abortion. What is comforting is the fact that this is not ignored with complete silence: people sensitive to injustice done to the man, organize various kinds of meetings, marches, symposia, prepare films, etc. helping others realize the problem. This is a valuable thing – to make our culture a life civilization, not death civilization. The effect of their hard work is the decline of abortion indication and opening other people’s eyes to the problem of murdering a defenceless child. The voice of the human conscience must be expressed in words: Do not kill!

A great defender of life was blessed John Paul II who used to emphasize respect for life, every human being in his teaching. His mission was being scientifically supported his closest student – a prominent professor of ethics, today the deceased Fr. prof. Tadeusz Styczeń SDS.

A significant symbol of defense of an unborn baby is the figure of ‘Angel of a Killed Baby’, which we have recently given to the Sejm chapel. The little baby which is held by an angel in hands is a symbol of millions of beings lost for humankind. It is also a symbol of children who are unjustly treated, beaten, placed in foster families, orphanages, etc. The Angel having the mission of God’s guardian, is a great sign for MPs, whom it reminds that they are to be faithful defenders of life and human dignity.

Every man has his parents and a child should always be the greatest treasure for them. And this natural line should be supported by the state and all institutions. Everything which is done against it – often explained with welfare of a child, which we have been recently witnessing – is a violence against the man and the Decalogue. When the word ‘human being’ always appears, it entails the word ‘dignity’. For, the Creator raised the man to the dignity of God’s child.


"Niedziela" 12/2014

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