In Fatima in Portugal in 1917 during the apparitions of the Holiest Mother, the word ‘Russia’ was said. Still small children – 7-year-old Hiacynta, 9-year-old Francis and 10-year-old Łucja – did not know this term. However, they, somehow, mechanically passed the message to the world, that Our Lady had told them about the need of conversion of Russia, because this country may be a sower of a war. Since then the world has experienced two big world wars, in which many nations participated. Many of them have suffered harm, millions of people were killed. It is a big human tragedy. We have also become aware of a great role of the world atheism in it.

After the second world war people started searching for a road which would allow them to avoid any military actions. Hence, among the others, the idea of the later European Union whose bases are based on the fundament of the Gospel. However, it was not possible to avoid deep inner concerns within 10 years, that at every moment the war might break out. Today, we see from our Polish point of view how important role was played here by the colonel RyszardKukliński, who was saving the world from the tragedy of another war.

But in this perspective, one can also notice the functioning of the Church, also as an answer of Mary included in the apparitions in Fatima. Mary was depositingher appeal onto the hands of the supreme pastors of the Church. She induced the hearts of popes, emphasizing that in it is necessary to entrust the world to Her a particular way. We witnessed how Mary variously pointed to the need of conversion of Russia.

The content of the Fatima message was relived strongly by blessed John Paul II. Just after the assassination on his life on 13 May 1981, he was asking for presenting him a more detailed content of Fatima apparitions. And when he had enough strength, in 1982 he made a thanksgiving pilgrimage to Fatima. On 13 May 1984 John Paul II solemnly entrusted the world and Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, emphasizing that this act had to be renewed all the time.

So, we have to say that blessed John Paul II felt Fatima. He knew that conflicts in many countries and sufferings of humankind can be healed only by strong faith, penance and prayer.

We remember the visit of John Paul II in Ukraine in 2001 very well. It was not an easy pilgrimage but how warm-hearted and full of hope for God’s mercifulness it was. We were happy that the Holy Father could pass a lot of good to us and bless this country. Unfortunately, pope did not manage to make a pilgrimage to Russia – it remains an extremely important mission for the successors of John Paul II at the Holy See.

And today we are in a very dramatic situation again. For, Russia is making worrying moves towards Ukraine, despite the decided treaties before, guaranteeing its integrality. It is seen that Europe and the world are not coping with it quite well. Russia is moving forward with its armies and secret invading plans. We are concerned about Ukraine, but we hope that God will save the country. However, we remind about the message of Fatima, which is worrying while saying about the role of Russia in destabilization of the world, about destruction of atheism, which is overwhelming the world more and more. The world organizations whose task is to guard justice and peace and defend the human rights, are far from the basic law which is the Decalogue. It seems that we have not drawn any conclusions yet from what happened in the year 1939, and we do not treat the message of Fatima seriously. If the man puts himself in the place of God, he becomes the biggest danger for the humankind.

We must listen to what God revealed to people during Mary’s visits in Fatima. Mary was calling for penance and prayer, especially the Rosary prayer, she was warning against a sin, against everything which destroys God. So, let’s devote all these difficult matters to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, let’s join the prayer together – as we used to do itwith pope Francis in the defence of peace in Syria – let’s keep fasting and repent, especially that the matter is closer for us because the border with Ukraine is very close.

Mary, Lady of Fatima, help us keep peace in Ukraine, in Europe and in the world! Help us to act in such a way, so that Your Immaculate Heart would triumph as you promised in one of your apparitions.


"Niedziela" 11/2014

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